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Indian Clubs 1 Pound Pair


Indian Clubs 1 Pound Pair

2.00 LBS
$5.99 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

Indian Clubs 1 Pound Pair

Across the country, martial artists, golfers, swimmers and other athletes are rediscovering the unique benefits of training with Indian clubs.


Indian clubs are a training tool with an ancient pedigree. Brought to the West from India, they became a favorite in the USA and Europe before their popularity waned.


By the 1980s, fitness was in disarray. A disempowering model built on faulty nutrition and risk-averse, unnatural training had people following a machines-and-cardio routine that left fun, skill and, for most, motivation at the door.


But we’re getting off the treadmill.


As Western athletes and trainees turn their attention to natural movements and rethink movement in terms of skill and function, we’re looking further afield for inspiration and rethinking what strong means, even what fit means.


If you can bench double bodyweight but can’t lift your arms overhead, how strong are you really?


You look great in a T-shirt, but you have chronic shoulder pain. Is that fit?


As you train, you should get more strong, more mobile, more able to work for longer - but you should get healthier, more relaxed, and suffer less pain too.


That’s where tools like exercise clubs come in.


Club swinging teaches you to make natural, relaxed movements. You can’t do it if you’re stiff. It’s about letting the weight do the work (mostly!) so you have to be paying attention, in a relaxed way. It encourages flow and concentration.


Basic exercise clubs routines focus on stability and mobility in the shoulder joint. Weighting internal and external rotation exercises like this makes it easy to build a strong, relaxed, injury-resistant rotator cuff. Some people find their shoulder pain disappears in just a few sessions. That sounds like magic, but it’s not - it’s just re-educating your shoulder to move right and relax.


Just like a goblet squat is worth hours of coaching in the squat, exercise clubs teach in just a few minutes what physical therapists and functional trainers wish we already knew. When you do introductory movements that teach you to internally and externally rotate, you’re building strength, conditioning and good motor patterns all at the same time. That’s the kind of training that makes you better at everything.


And there’s more to exercise clubs than rehabbing shoulders. When you pick up the clubs, you’ll soon find yourself learning complex, rhythmic routines. They’re not impossibly hard - remember, these were once taught to GIs. But they’re more complex than the Big Three, that’s for sure. When you do a loaded exercise that requires coordination and has its own rhythm, you’re conditioning your nervous system. Next time you pick up a barbell, the moves feel even simpler: you’ve made your nervous system smarter at moving, so now you can concentrate more fully on force output. Watch your big lifts skyrocket, your serve get harder and crisper, your swing get smoother and more powerful.


But suppose you’re not really all that athletic? We don’t all have the time, or the inclination to be Crossfitters or Tough Mudders.


Just the same, most of us spend most of our days sitting in front of screens. Back pain and neck pain are a fact of life for the majority of Americans.


It doesn’t have to be that way.


The same simple, effective Indian clubs exercises that build stronger shoulders for athletes can help fix your back and neck pain, improving your posture and strengthening and relaxing the muscles of your upper back.


In fact, just a few minutes using Indian clubs, once or twice a day, can let you say goodbye to the Ibuprofen bottle - for good!


Indian clubs come in many different weights. We offer pairs at 1lb and 2lb. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you’re new to clubs, we recommend starting with the 1lb size and working up. You’ll be surprised by the workout even a 1lb pair of clubs will give you, but as you get freer, more fluid and more stable you can move up to the 2lb clubs.


Our clubs are a revolutionary design, made in the USA from injection-molded reinforced polypropylene filled with talc. They’ll resist heat, cold, wet, dry, and anything else you can think to throw at them, and their traditional bottleneck design and perfect weight balance means they’ll feel great in your hand every time you pick them up. Our 1lb clubs are 16 ½ inches long, and our 2lb clubs are 18 ½ inches long. Pick up a pair today: a stunning take on a classic, and one that will give you years of fun and effective training.


And you don’thave to go it alone. When you buy a pair of clubs, you’ll also receive this sought-after instructional DVD from Dr. Ed THomas. Dr. Thomas is a Fullbright scholar and historian, a martial artist and an expert on indian clubs. He explains the basics carefully and in detail, pointing up common beginner mistakes and explaining why the movement should be done the way it’s done, before moving on to more advanced techniques. Everything you need for a great, effective workout in one package!

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