Excellent. Product came on time. I recommend if you are starting out use these clubs. 1 lb weight which is good, but don't be fooled they give a good workout. Look on You tube for Indian Club Exercises. I don't think I will ever need any heavier ones. Start SLOW. I used them to help me recover from sports injuries and now I just use them to keep fit. Injury 1 - Fell on my elbow and slightly sprained it. These help pull the wrist out just a tad so instead of someone pulling out my hand I just did the exercises. Gently. Remember to keep shoulders back. They explain in the youtube videos. It makes a big difference.

Security Guy

I bought one of these for myself and tested it out for several months. It's endured quite a beating as I use it 4 times a week. I ended up buying another one for my wife. This is a solid sandbag and I love it.

I've read several complaints about sand leaking and spilling out of the bag. I don't know why that surprised anyone as that's what sand is good at...being really annoying and getting everywhere. What I did is I used kitty litter (works great, smells fresh) and put it in zip quart sized zock bags and duct taped them shut. I then put those into a hefty trash bag and put all of that into the black canvas inner bag. No leaks!!


Excellent. I use these daily. Started with homemade PVC clubs under 1 lbs for a few months. I was going to go the wood route for 2 lbs clubs but found these. Less than half the price and seem like they will last forever. So far exceeds expectations.

Stephen Marx

Super rope. I also drag 80lb kettle bells with it. Good quality and looks good too.

Steve D Burman

Love this heavy duty, high quality battle rope!!! Super pleased all the way around.
Customer service is so great....If I lived in Alaska, I'd buy ice from them. Love them!!!!

Cindy Johnsen


Our assisted pull up bands are 41-inches in length, with the width of the band increasing with tension level. The construction process involves a slow layering procedure which involves no bonding or molding and results in seamless, durable resistance bands which are guaranteed to never snap during use. Coupled with the flexibility of natural latex rubber, these training accessories are simply made to last!