Creating A Resistance Bands Workout

Creating A Resistance Bands Workout

If you are someone who doesn’t want to exercise in a commercial gym or simply just travels a lot for your work, you may want to consider investing in some resistance bands.

A resistance bands workout is a great option because it’ll still allow you to provide resistance to the muscles, ensuring you build strength and power all at the same time. And, it can be used anywhere.

Resistance bands easily fit in suitcases, briefcases, or in your car, so no matter where you happen to be, you can fit a workout in.

How do you go about creating a resistance bands workout? Let’s look at some of the key information that you need to know.

The Exercises For Your Resistance Bands Workout

The nice thing is that almost all the exercises that you performed with traditional weights, you can also do with resistance bands. They use a similar movement pattern, so there is great transferability between the two types of workouts.

For your lower body, you’ll want to do resistance bands squats, resistance bands stationary lunges, resistance bands deadlifts, and you might even do resistance band step-ups if you have a band that’s long enough.

For your upper body, turn to the same exercise you would in the gym:


  • Resistance band chest presses

  • Resistance band push-ups

  • Resistance band bent over rows

  • Resistance band shoulder presses
  • Resistance band bicep curls
  • Resistance band tricep extensions
  • Resistance band lateral raises

  • Resistance band front raises

The great thing about these bands is that they will keep constant tension on the muscles at all times, which is unlike dumbbells, where the tension will vary at different points throughout the exercise.

This can even help you see better overall results because you will be maintaining a total time under tension that is greater than with dumbbell lifts.

Always remember that the shorter the band is, generally speaking, the more resistance you’ll have to work against so by shortening the band, you can improve your results as well.

Or, you can also purchase bands that come in different resistance levels, so that is yet another way to change the intensity of the workout.

Structuring Your Resistance Bands Workout

Now that you know the right resistance band exercises to perform, how do you go about structuring your workout session?

First remember that you will likely want to use a slightly higher rep range when doing resistance band workouts. Since you aren’t going to be lifting as much sheer weight as you would with dumbbells, the added reps will help to improve strength and progress more. You still want to fully fatigue the muscles in each set you do, so more reps is the way to get this done.

Then, if you also want to create a cardiovascular element to your resistance bands workout, you’ll want to pair the exercises back to back as best as possible. Take as little rest in between the two movements to keep the heart rate up and the body working hard.

You’ll also want to consider stacking together an upper body exercise along with a lower body exercise, which will then allow one part of the body to rest while the other is working. This too can allow you to do more work in less time.

So there you have the facts on how to go about setting up a resistance band workout. With a little planning, you can definitely create workout that you will be sure to enjoy and see results from.