Sandbag Exercises For Chest

Sandbag Exercises For Chest


Looking to start your very own sandbag workout? If you are tired of the ‘usuals’ in the gym, always lifting dumbbells and barbells, you might instead consider moving to the sandbag instead.

The sandbag is an excellent way to strengthen your muscles, building power as well as muscular strength and even endurance depending on how you train.

Best of all, the sandbag can really be taken anywhere, so it’s perfect for those who are interested in doing an at-home workout session or those who prefer exercising outdoors.

All of this said, how can you work your chest with the sandbag? What sandbag chest exercises will deliver you the best results for your time invested?

Let’s take a closer look at what you should know about the top chest training options with this piece of equipment.

Sandbag Push-Ups

The first great chest exercise to consider adding to your workout program is the sandbag push-up. This move is a classic that gets an added twist with the addition of that sandbag.

If your sandbag happens to come with shoulder straps, just put those on the body and then begin the push-up from there.

If it doesn’t, have a partner simply place the sandbag so it’s flat across the back and then perform the push-ups balancing it the entire time.

This will add additional resistance to the exercise, forcing the chest to work harder while also keeping your abs contracted the entire time as well.

Sandbag Chest Press

The sandbag chest press is the next of the chest exercises that you’ll want to be including in your workout program. This one is done by simply lying flat down on the ground with the knees bent and feet placed firmly into the ground.

From here, you want to hold the sandbag with both hands, one hand on either side and then press it directly up and forward so it’s over the body. Perform this as you would a traditional dumbbell or chest press.

Once the elbows are extended but not locked, pause and then lower the sandbag down to the starting position once again.

When doing this, make sure that you keep the abs contracted and pressed flat against the floor at all times. If you do happen to have a bench available, you can also perform this exercise by sitting on the bench as well.

Sandbag Toss

The sandbag toss is the next exercise that should be a part of any good sandbag chest workout program. This one is simple: stand holding the bag with both hands and then toss it upwards into the hair, catching it as it lowers back down.

Be sure to have a slight bend in the knees as you catch the sandbag to help absorb some of the weight and avoid suffering from lower back pain. This particular sandbag chest exercise will also bring other upper body muscles into play along with your core. It’s a great full body conditioning movement.

Sandbag Horizontal Push

Finally, you can perform the sandbag horizontal push, which will target your chest as well as your shoulders and core all at the same time.

Place the sandbag down on the floor so that it’s directly beneath the body. From here, position yourself in a plank position so that you are balancing on the hands and toes stretched out behind you. The sandbag should be close to one hand.

Now, lift the hand closest to the sandbag off the floor and begin to push the bag to the other side of the body. Push as far as you can go, contracting the inner chest to do this.

Once it’s as far as you can move it, pull it to the opposite side with the other hand. Now repeat using the other hand this time to push the bag over.

The entire time, make sure that you keep your core contracted and your back flat.

So there you have a closer look at the top sandbag chest exercises to include in your workout program. As you can see, there are plenty of options for working this major muscle group with the sandbag.