Sandbag Training Benefits You Need To Know

Sandbag Training Benefits You Need To Know

Looking for a fun new way to get fit? If so, sandbag training may be for you. More and more people are starting to realize the great benefits that sandbag training has to offer and are beginning to get started themselves.

While you may not ditch your dumbbells and barbells entirely, sandbag training can serve as an alternative form of workout when you can’t make it to the gym or just want a change of pace from time to time.

So what benefits will you reap from doing sandbag training?

Let’s go over the key reasons to give this training mode some consideration.

Full Body Muscle Activation

When looking at the vast majority of the exercises you’ll perform with sandbags, one thing becomes quite clear: you’ll be activating nearly all the muscles in the body with each move you make.

This is often benefit because the more muscles you activate, the more calories you burn and the higher you send your metabolic rate as well. Translation? Superior fat loss progress.

If you are looking for a way to jumpstart your metabolism and see faster results, sandbag training can bring those benefits.

Great Cardiovascular Workout

Another nice thing about sandbag training is that it can make for an excellent cardiovascular workout. For example, if you pick the sandbag up, lift it directly over your head with your arms extended and begin performing a set of 20 walking lunges, you’ll immediately see just how high your heart rate gets.

Do this five times, resting for a minute in between and you can create a very effective HIIT workout for yourself.

Even if you choose to perform your exercises in circuit training style, this too will help you reap both strength and cardio boosting benefits.

You might even consider using sandbag training to replace your conventional cardio training. If you hate the bike, elliptical and treadmill, it can be your way ‘out’ so to speak.

Excellent Strength Boosting Benefits

Speaking of strength, sandbag training will help you develop maximum strength in a minimum amount of time. This is again because you’ll be working so many muscle fibers at once, thus you’ll be able to lift a heavier weight with ease.

A heavier weight lifted means more strength gained overall and as such, improved fitness progress.

What’s more is that because a sandbag isn’t as stable as say a barbell is, you’ll hit the really small muscle fibers deep within the muscle tissues – fibers that a regular barbell may not have activated. These muscles will be used for stabilization purposes to keep the sandbag moving as it should.

Improved Core Strength

With sandbag training, you can rest assured you’ll also be seeing excellent core strength benefits as well. As you move through each exercise you do, your core muscles will be contracted to keep the body balanced as you lift the sandbag up and down.

While you will get some core activation with barbell and dumbbell based moves as well, the overall activation rate does tend to be higher with sandbag training.

Do Anywhere

Finally, the last great benefit of sandbag training is that you can virtually do a workout anywhere you have open space. You won’t need any extra machines or equipment – just your sandbag and a good pair of running shoes.

You may want to get two or three different sandbags of various weights to effectively challenge yourself, but not everyone will need this. And if you are just looking to get a cardio and light strength training session in, chances are you won’t need more than one.

So there you have the key sandbag training benefits you should know about. Make sure you aren’t missing out on this type of training.