Garage Fit Stirrup Single-Handle Cable Attachment

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Old School Strength

Tired of nylon cable attachments that snap in no time? Frustrated with rubber-coated handles that wear out just a few uses in? Then you’ll love Garage Fit’s all-metal D-handle! Like the gym equipment of old, our single cable grip is designed with uncompromising durability in mind. We’ve used high-grade steel that has the toughness to handle a great deal of weight and ensured that every attachment has reinforced welding for extra strength. If you’re after a single D-handle that will last through countless reps, then this one certainly won’t disappoint.

All About Performance

Whether you’re repping out some bicep curls, working your torso with cable chops, or giving your back a good workout with some 1-arm rows, the rotating hand grip on our cable attachment treats you to smooth movement every time. Work your muscles harder with a fuller range of motion, and achieve peak concentration for better results. And thanks to a combo of great sizing and textured grip, this D-handle provides a comfortable experience for both guys and gals.

Here’s what distinguishes our cable attachment:

  • COMMERCIAL GRADE STRENGTH: Complement your cable machine with a single D handle that is designed to last for years. Unlike nylon cable attachments that easily snap or fall apart, our metallic cable offers superior durability thanks to its solid steel construction and reinforced weld.
  • EXTRA SMOOTH ROTATION: No jamming. No snagging. The Garage Fit single cable attachment features a smooth rotating hand grip to treat you to a fuller range of motion. Complement your workouts with seamless movement and get the most from every rep.
  • GREAT GRIP: Measuring 6” long and 1” thick handle, our D handle cable attachment provides a great grip for both men and women. The careful sizing combines with the knurled grip to create the most comfortable all-metal exercise cable attachment in the market.
  • EASY TO ATTACH: The ½” hole at the top easily accommodates most clips for hassle-free removal and attachment. This versatile cable D handle can be used to perform bicep curls, cable chops, one-arm rows, tricep pull-downs, and so much more.
  • BEST VALUE: Heavy-duty design meets great pricing to create handle cable attachments that give you the best bang for your buck. Equip your home gym without breaking the bank or skimping on quality by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ now!