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Garage Fit Men's Neoprene Weight Training Vest

  • COMFORTABLE FIT: Despite the heavy duty design of the Garage Fit’s weight vest with adjustable weights, it is still very comfortable to wear all through your workout sessions in order to push yourself to the limits without getting injured.
  • NO EXCESSIVE SWEATING: The breathable material of the perfect weight vest allows your skin to breathe. No matter how snug the fit is, it will always let in air to keep you cool and refreshed during your most vigorous exercises.
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE WEIGHTS: Take off or add on the weights easily, thanks to the perfectly expandable design of the weight vest pockets, which allows you to create the perfect resistance in order to make the most of your workout sessions.
  • FITS ALL BODY TYPES: The versatile design of the Garage Fit weight control vest includes Velcro straps that fasten easily and adjust quickly to fit different body types. Stretching weight pockets make it easy for anyone to adjust the variable weight of the vest.
  • GRADUALLY INCREASED RESISTANCE: Evenly distributed weights on the vest are ideal for gradually increasing resistance in exercises such as lunges, push-ups, chin-ups, and pull-ups. This weight training vest helps you make the most of your workout sessions by providing the extra resistance your muscles need to grow.

Start Resistance training with weight training vest from Garage Fit and experience added comfort, mobility, and flexibility with a 10 lbs distributed weight design.

  • Searching for a weighted vest that does not interfere with your movements?
  • Do you want a chest weight vest that reduces any chance of muscle injuries?
  • Do you want a weight training vest that feels extremely comfortable?
  • Looking for a perfect weight vest that is easy to use and maintain?

This weighted vests from Garage Fit feature even weight distribution so that you can train without any risk of muscle injuries and without any compromising on your form or training routine.

Reasons to select Garage Fit weight training vest:

  • Breathable mesh design for added comfort while training.
  • Made from high-quality reinforced nylon fiber for strength and durability.
  • Soft and smooth stitched edges provide comfort while workouts.
  • Front Velcro belt can adjust to almost any chest width.
  • Provided with 20, .5 lb flexible weights, a total of 10 lbs.
  • Weight pockets are stretchable and facilitate quick addition and removal.

Never leave the house without the handy Garage Fit weight vest for both men and women.They are the perfect workout tools to ensure that your session is even more fruitful. Grab yourself a vest at unbelievable prices now!