Garage Fit 48 Inch Lat Pull Down Bar Cable Attachment

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Muscle-Sculpting Versatility

Build your lats, pump your biceps, define your shoulders, and sculpt your triceps; with just one bar! Garage Fit multi-grip lat bar attachments introduce rewarding versatility to any exercise regimen while saving you the expense of buying multiple bars. Whatever your training needs, we have the multi-grip lat bar to match. The straight 48” lat bar is thoughtfully designed with a wide, medium, and close grip; perfect for everything from wide-grip lat pulldowns, standing bicep curls, close-grip tricep pushdowns, to front cable raises. Or you can opt for the 48” EZ-bar curl lat attachment that gives you the ultimate grip for bicep curls while still offering multiple grip points for a wide range of exercises. Whichever you choose, brace yourself for an epic workout.

Built to Last

We take great pride in creating home gym accessories that never compromise on quality; durable workout equipment that withstands the most intense training. These gym cable machine attachments stay true to that spirit of ruggedness. Never have to worry about your exercise handle bending out of shape. While others have a hollow design, ours are crafted using solid steel, complete with a hard chrome finish for superior rust protection. So, go all out, these cable attachments
can take it.

Here are more reasons to love these cable attachments:

✔ The diamond machine knurl gives you a superior grip.

✔ Can be gripped in multiple positions for training versatility.

✔ Have a smooth rotating swivel hook for a full range of movement.

✔ Crafted with extra-strong and neat welds for enhanced durability.

✔ Backed by the Garage Fit total satisfaction guarantee.

Go ahead, take your workouts to the next level with Garage Fit heavy-duty workout attachments!