Sleeved Battle Rope - Black

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Enhanced Durability

Whether you’re sweating it out in your garage gym or out in the backyard, making waves in the gym or your favorite box, the all-new Garage Fit battle rope complements your hard work with a serving of impressive durability. No more dealing with training ropes that fray a couple of workouts in. In addition to being made using a heavy-duty polyester blend that’s 3 strands thick, our battling rope now comes fully covered with a protective nylon sleeve. The result? A workout rope tough enough to see you hit one conditioning milestone after another, after another.

Challenge Yourself

It’s no wonder why fitness enthusiasts rave about battle ropes. Done right, that calorie-scorching, muscle-tasking undulating motion works everything from the core, back, shoulders, arms, to legs while treating you to some rewarding cardio. But it takes the right kind of rope to really unlock the full potential of this workout; that’s where our unique design comes in. While other battle ropes feel rigid, we create ours using a special flexible weave to create the perfect waves. Whether you’re a newbie or gym rat, we have the right rope for you. Choose between 2 widths: 1.5” & 2”, and 3 lengths: 30, 40, & 50ft. The longer and thicker the rope, the harder you’ll have to work for it!

Here are more reasons to love our sleeved rope:

- NEXT-LEVEL DURABILITY: Our best-selling battle rope just got even more durable. The 3 strand-thick training rope isn’t just made using a heavy-duty polyester blend, it also now comes with a full nylon sleeve for superior fray protection. The last exercise rope you’ll need to buy.

- GREAT GRIP; BETTER WORKOUTS: No gloves? No problem! The 10” waterproof heat-shrink caps at the ends treat you to a sure grip while also preventing your undulation fitness rope from unraveling. Perfect for home garage gyms, commercial gyms, and use indoors & outdoors.

- TRANSFORM YOUR BODY: Take your conditioning to the next level while giving your back, arms, core, shoulders, and legs a rewarding burn. This heavy combat rope is also great for cardio; set up your space, step up to the challenge, and experience a calorie-scorching workout.

- FOR ALL FITNESS LEVELS: Beginner or Pro, you’ll find a Garage Fit sleeved battling rope to match. Our weighted CrossFit ropes are available in widths of 1.5” and 2”, and lengths of 30, 40, and 50 feet. The longer and thicker the gym rope, the greater the intensity.

- BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: You’re covered with the Garage Fit 100% satisfaction guarantee. In case of any issues with your battle rope with sleeve, simply reach out to us and we’ll do all we can to make things right.

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