Garage Fit Tricep V-Shaped Pressdown Bars

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All About Durability

Complement your home gym with the strongest V-grip bar in the market! We’ve gone for an all-stainless steel design to handle the most gruesome of workouts. No more dealing with plastic handles that easily crack or rubber-coated handles that wear out in no time. The Garage Fit extra-tough steel V-bar packs the durability to see you through countless pressdowns and pushdowns and give you those impressive tris you’ve always wanted.

Practical Design

When you're dealing with heavyweights, the last thing you want to happen is to experience nasty slips that can potentially lead to injuries and accidents. But these should be the least of your concern, thanks to the knurled surface of these V-grip handles that allow for a comfortable and steady grip at all times. Slippage is also prevented because of the flat knobs that keep your hand in place throughout those tough pushdown or pulldown moves. The surface is also roomy enough to accommodate large hands while ensuring your ease. Plus, with a chrome finish to this steel grip bar, it has ample protection from corrosion and rust.

Here’s what makes this tricep pulldown bar a great addition to your home gym:

  • LASTS FOR YEARS: Made from industry-strength steel, this V-shaped tricep pushdown bar handles the maximum weight capacity of your cable machine without a problem. A chrome finish resists rust and corrosion to treat you to unmatched durability.
  • GRIPPED FOR PERFORMANCE: This V-grip bar tricep pressdown bar is designed to prevent your hands from slipping during your workouts. The end portions come with flat knobs to secure your grip, and the knurled surfaces add comfort to your hands no matter what the grip position may be.
  • TOUCH OF VERSATILITY: Looking to boost your strength and build those muscles? Then, these V-handlebars are just what you need for your lateral workouts whether you perform pushdown or pulldown movements. Isolate your triceps or lats with just one bar.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST MACHINES: As long as your exercise machine comes with a hook that lets you connect various kinds of lateral bars, then this tricep pulldown bar should work out without a glitch. You can use these tricep bars for your power racks or home gyms to boost your workout experience.
  • EXCELLENT VALUE: No need to pay a premium. We’ve combined impressively sturdy design and great pricing to give you the best deal on Amazon. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and start blasting your triceps with the strongest all-metal triceps pushdown bar on the market!