Garage Fit Revolving Straight Bar - 20 inches

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Game On!

Been wanting to tone your body and feel great all over? With the right type of workouts, you can make this happen – even without having to head out to the gym. This revolving straight bar is perfect for your home gym, as it allows you to perform resistance and strength-training exercises that offer results. You can
use this tool for your straight bar curls, rows, and even press-downs to blast those triceps.

Functional Design

Measuring 20 inches long, this is just the right length you need for a straight bar that will complement your workout needs. It is made from durable steel with knurled hand grips to prevent your hands from slipping while providing
you comfort with every curl or press down you do. The rubber end caps also add to your convenience as these offer a secure hold on to the bar. Attaching it to your home gym is a breeze, hook it up and get started with your workout sessions.

Here’s what distinguishes the Garage Fit revolving bar:

- Crafted from high-quality steel to ensure optimum durability.

- Has a chrome finish that resists rust and corrosion.

- Heavy-duty and sturdy, weighing at 5 pounds.

- Offers a comfortable and stable grip for your hands.

- Lets you perform a variety of workouts to boost your strength.

Get the kind of sculpted and great-looking body you've always wanted by adding this revolving straight bar to your personal gym. Click 'Add to Cart' now!