Garage Fit V-handle Cable Row Attachment

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Get those Gains

Looking for a double D-bar handle to switch up your workouts with seated rows? A T-bar row attachment to hit your back and amplify your gains? The Garage Fit solid steel V-bar is just what you need to inspire explosive goodness in the gym. With a universal attachment and knurled handles, it complements most cable machines while giving you a great grip to push beyond your personal best. Get one for your home garage gym or take one with you to the gym for an interruption-free session.

Built to Last

We take great pride in creating home gym accessories that never compromise on quality; durable workout equipment that withstands the most intense training. This V-bar stays true to that spirit of ruggedness. Never have to worry about your bar bending out of shape. While others have a hollow design, ours is crafted using solid steel, complete with a hard chrome finish for superior rust protection. So, go all out, this cable attachment can take it.

Here’s why you’ll love this V-bar:

✔ Made using solid steel for heavy-duty durability.

✔ Chrome finish keeps corrosion and rust at bay.

✔ Etched with a non-slip diamond-knurled grip.

✔ The universal cable attachment works with most machines.

✔ Can be used for both seated rows and T-bar rows.

✔ Backed by a no-hassle, 100% money-back guarantee.

Enjoy rewarding back workouts every time with a V-bar that’s built solid!