Unlimited Potential Speed and Agility Training Kit

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Multi-purpose kit

For so long, the gym is the go-to place for an all-round workout. This is because gyms have enough space and equipment. Unfortunately, many people have to wait for equipment to be free before they can begin their next workout. But what if there was a more convenient option? What if you didn’t have to wait in line any longer? Well, the Garage Fit agility speed training kit is the perfect solution. Think of it as a mini gym. It is perfect for all types of agility and speed training, thanks to 8 different types of equipment. It is also suited for every person - from sportsmen and women to ordinary people wanting a convenient
way to workout.

Great value for money

This kit gives you great value for money. It is made from highly durable material that will withstand limitless sessions of gruesome workouts. Even with the extreme stress the equipment has to go through in each training session, you are guaranteed that it will not let you down. You can, therefore, concentrate more on your workouts.

Here is why the Garage Fit agility speed training kit is a great purchase:

  • ALL-AROUND TRAINING: This speed and agility kit is perfect for enhancing agile development. It is, therefore, the best choice for high-intensity soccer footwork drills, and people looking to improve their agility, speed, coordination, and stamina irrespective of the sport they are in. It is suited for every person – from athletes to ordinary people wanting a convenient way to workout. 
  •  8 DIFFERENT EQUIPMENT: To provide effective all-around training for users. 
  • HIGHLY DURABLE: Only the best quality material has been used to make the equipment in this agility kit. That is why they can withstand the extreme strain they are subjected to in each workout.
  • COMES WITH CARRYING BAG: For easy and convenient carrying. This makes the agility kit portable and you can use it at home, in the gym, or wherever you are.
  • GREAT FOR INDOORS AND OUTDOORS: Whether you love doing your training indoors at home or in the gym or outdoors, this agility kit is suited for both.

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