Mesh Equipment Bag

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Mesh Equipment Bag - Adjustable, sliding drawstring cord closure. Perfect mesh bag for parent or coach

Organize multiple balls before and after team practice or just keep these all in one 
neat spot anytime, anywhere!

  • Getting bummed out about missing some balls just before basketball practice?
  • Tired of dealing with several balls scattered all over the room?
  • Looking to organize sports balls, so they're easy to locate when needed?
  • Do you wish you have a sturdy ball sack that holds up well?
  • Searching for a convenient way to transport sports balls?

During team practice, you want to make sure everything is all set including the balls to use.This is why having a spacious and durable bag for sports balls is a huge necessity. The Garage Fit ball sack is the perfect storage space for balls. It's made of a sturdy fabric with mesh panels to keep the balls dry and clean after use. Since it can fit as much as 12 balls, just grab this bag and you're ready to go – you've got the equipment you need for practice!

  • AMPLE STORAGE SPACE: The heavy-duty Garage Fit soccer ball bag is recommended for heavy usage. It comes with enough storage space to carry 10-12 balls of different shapes and sizes when going out for practice, play time or to provide convenient storage.
  • EASY TO CARRY: An adjustable carry handle fitted at the top of the ball bag alongside the drawstring closure makes it very easy to lug around comfortably when carrying the balls to the field or back to storage.
  • UNIQUE BREATHABLE DESIGN: Mesh side panels allow the balls to dry off after playing with them in wet conditions. They also facilitate enough circulation to ensure that the balls remain in good condition even when stored for a long time.
  • HIGHLY DURABLE FABRIC: The heavy duty fabric of the sack allows a bit of stretch to accommodate all the balls but does not break or tear no matter how tight the fit is. Carry your balls without worrying about tearing through the bag.

This ball sack comes with amazing features such as:

  • It's large and spacious enough to store about 10 to 12 balls.
  • There are heavy duty mesh panels, so the balls dry easily.
  • Comes with an adjustable carry handle and a drawstring closure on top.
  • Available in a wide range of colors to match your preference.