Massage Ball Kit

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Massage Ball Kit

Massage Lacrosse Ball for Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Knots, and Yoga Therapy

Get Fast and Better Results.Have you ever been through an intense workout and couldn’t find a means to relieve the muscle pain and knots fast enough? Motion RX has the perfect solution for you in form of these lacrosse massage balls. They are designed to eliminate muscle tension fast so you can feel fresh and rejuvenated in no time. They are perfect for all body parts including the back, shoulders, arms, neck, hips, thighs, buttocks, and feet.

Usable Anywhere.Thanks to their small size and design, they are not reserved for use at home or the gym only. You can use them virtually anywhere whether in the office, gym, or hotel room. You can even use them while seated on any chair. The solid rubber construction is highly durable and can be used on any surface without damaging the ball.

Here is why these lacrosse balls are an excellent but:

  • Excellent for trigger point therapy.
  • Relieves muscle pain and tension fast.
  • Very easy to use and can be used anywhere, anytime
  • Highly durable rubber construction that will withstand years of use.
  • Perfect for all workout types – yoga, crossfit, pilates, and more.

No more do you have to use ineffective remedies because your search of the perfect massage tool is almost over. 

  • RELIEVE BACK PAIN EFFICIENTLY: With soft yet dense material, this peanut massage ball is effective at relieving stiffness and back pain. The lacrosse ball massage cradles your spine for corrective therapy while applying pressure for increased tissue mobility. You can also use it during labor or birthing on the other painful localized parts of your body where trigger release is needed.
  • ULTIMATE MUSCLE RELEASE: Measuring 5 inches in length, 2.5 inches in diameter and weighing 12oz, this split peanut shaped lacrosse ball is a fit design to reach those harder to access stabilizing muscles that surround your vertebrae and spine. Accelerate your recovery from sports injuries too.
  • BUILT FOR UNPARALLELED DURABILITY: Built of 100% natural and durable rubber, these peanut balls can stay undamaged and entirely functional for many years. The hardness of these physical therapy balls is almost like lacrosse. Give your body years of perfect support with Motion RX peanut ball therapy.
  • EXTREMELY EASY TO USE: These peanut balls have less tendency to roll away on you and doesn't squirm around. It straddles the spine perfectly. Just roll it right down the center of the spine and hit those muscles you always have problems with. Plus, we give you a 100% Money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with your purchase.