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Shape It Up!

Working out does not always have to involve the use of elaborate machines to help you achieve your fitness goals. These workout loop bands offer a practical and effective way for you to stay in shape and get stronger through an intensive strength and endurance training suitable to your needs. Select the resistance level that you prefer and use these bands for your squats, lifts, and even as a part of physical therapy to recover from your injuries. Use these at home or in the gym to supplement your existing fitness routines.

Thick and Sturdy

These latex loop bands are thick and heavy, with a width of 2 inches to keep them easy to stretch without snapping. There are also multiple combination styles in using these bands, depending on the resistance or intensity you want from your workouts. Great for your bicep and tricep exercises, lunges, and squats, this resistance band is a must-have for your fitness objectives.

Here are more reasons to love these fitness loop bands:

  • STRETCHY AND DURABLE: These loop bands are made from high-quality latex that is sturdy enough to not lose shape no matter how much you stretch these out. There is no nasty rubber smell to deal with, so you can workout with these bands without having to hold your breath!
  • VARIED RESISTANCE LEVELS: Whether you're a beginner or a pro bodybuilder, you can choose the right resistance level that matches your strength and capacity. Check for the level of resistance printed out on the front of the band or combine multiple bands and make the most out of your every workout session.
  • MULTIPLE PURPOSES: You can use these bands for your rehab during physical therapy sessions, or to help you achieve your fitness goals. They are also perfect for strengthening muscles, warming up your legs, or improving your recovery after every workout as you gently stretch your muscles.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT: Before you head to the gym or the outdoors for your workouts, grab these loop bands and stuff them inside the mesh bag that comes with the package. Measuring 10 inches long and 2 inches wide, these bands can fit right in your backpack or duffle bag pocket.
  • SUPPLEMENTS YOUR FITNESS SESSIONS: There are endless ways to make the most out of your every use of these loop bands. Complement your yoga or pilates sessions with additional stretching moves or combine 2 or more bands to increase resistance. The choice is up to you!

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