Steel Plyo Box

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Unlimited Potential Adjustable Steel Plyo Box

Unlimited Potential Adjustable Steel Plyo Box is a must-have training tool for explosive lower body training. Use your body weight and gravity to strengthen your muscles on this solid steel platform built to withstand extreme conditions and to hold up to 300 lbs. It includes rubber feet to prevent slipping and damage to the floor. Jump into training and enhance your athletic performance with challenging drills on the Steel Plyo Box.

GET FIT AND AGILE WITH THIS STEEL PLYO BOX FOR YOUR WORKOUTS Solid Steel Box With heavy gauge solid tubular steel for the frame and legs and thick plywood for the surface, this plyo box is as sturdy as it can get. There is a rubber material on top for added traction and to give you a good grip whenever you step or hold on to the edge during your training sessions. It can handle a good amount of weight as this box is built to take on the toughest conditions without a problem. Unlike other boxes out there, this one has an entire layer of steel under the platform for optimum support and durability. So, it stays stable and properly supported the whole time. Perfect Workout Partner Got no time to hit the gym, but hoping to sculpt your body and boost your stamina? Don't worry – with this plyo box, you can get an excellent workout that should be plenty effective in enhancing your strength, agility, and stamina all at the same time. This ultra-strong plyometric box is perfect for a wide range of fitness routines including box jumps, stamina training, block squats, and agility exercises. It's just what you need if you're serious about getting into plyometrics and achieving the results you want. Here are other amazing things you can expect from this product: Adjustable feature for customizing the height according to your preference. Rubber top for extra grip and traction while you step on the platform. A layer of heavy duty steel underneath the platform for optimum strength. Ideal for use on a wide range of fitness training and agility exercises. The well-constructed box that can support heavy weight well. Jump your way to a fit and buff body you want with this steel plyo box. 

  • ROCK SOLID: This plyo box is made from heavy duty tubular steel to ensure maximum durability and strength. The platform has a solid plywood surface, so it can handle your weight without giving out no matter how many times you use it for your workouts.
  • HIGH OR LOW: You can easily adjust this plyo box according to your preferred height. Whether you want it lower or higher, simply move the adjustment support on the legs as you wish. Then, you can lock it in the position to keep the platform stable.
  • EASY STORAGE: Is floor space an issue for you? This steel plyo box is a breeze to put away and store after every use. It has a sleek and slim design, which eliminates the unnecessary bulk in your home gym whenever you are done with your workout session.
  • ALL-AROUND PLATFORM: For every fitness buff out there, this adjustable steel plyo box is truly a must-have for your fitness routines. You can use it for your agility and strength training workouts, box jumps, and plyo routines, among a few others.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Grab your very own plyo box today and take your training sessions to the next level. This well-made platform is made to withstand the toughest conditions, so you can never go wrong with your purchase of this plyo box that's built to last a long time!