Unlimited Potential Speed Agility Hurdle

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Flexibility Meets Hurdling

No more cleaning up broken exercise hurdles after every agility training session! Our all new fitness hurdles take durability to the next level by complementing hardcore drills with a bit of flex. Even if stepped on, these one-piece hurdle jumps pop back into place to ensure that training goes on without a hitch. Whether you’re running athletic speed drills, getting in a plyo workout, or helping out your clients with some physical therapy, these are the perfect mini hurdles to get the job done.

Designed for Performance

Jumping hurdles are an invaluable aid when it comes to improving speed, perfecting running technique, or increasing agility on the field. And we’ve designed ours to treat you to greater results after every drill. While most training hurdles max out at a height of 6”, we offer options from 6” - 12” tall. These options in height are just what you
need to take those training sessions from ordinary to explosive and reach your footwork goals that much faster.

Here are more features of our jump hurdles that you’ll simply love:

- Designed with an extra-stable base that keeps them sturdy all through.

- Lightweight construction gives the hurdles great portability.

- Highly visible color makes them ideal for use in all weather conditions.

- Come in a set of 6 to suit any kind of agility drill.

Complement your speed and agility training with ultra-durable hurdles designed to make every jump truly count. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!