Indian Club Exercise with Russell Ogata

Here are 6 different club swinging exercises. These can be done with different weights and sizes.

  • Exercise 1: The Warmup Basic swings, elbows in tight, open shoulders, and extend outwards fully.


  • Exercise 2: Back-scratch Squat Right arm, elbow up close to the ear. Lower arm tucked securely under the armpit. Simultaneously back pivot and squat. Do the same on the other side and repeat.


  • Exercise 3: Combination Arm Swings Arm rotating clockwise above the head. Other arm doing inner heart-shaped swing. As the circling arm tucks in, the extending arm opens out to an extension. Allow full movement following the flow of the swing.


  • Exercise 4: Combination Squats Feet in the formal stance, toes pointing out 45 degrees, chest up, and arms holding clubs to the side. As you begin the arm motion to the chest, or outward, begin to descend into the squat as you execute the inner/outer movement. At the bottom of the squat, your arms should be in the cross-chest position whether you're doing inner/outer heart-shaped swings. As you ascend, begin to open up in the 2nd half of the swing. You should be at the highest point of the swing as you are standing straight.


  • Exercise 5: Shield-Cast w/squat Begin with shoulder-width stance, arms holding clubs upright close to the chest. Begin the shield cast with clubs bottom pointing up, held close to the chest. Begin rotation around the head. As the club circles the head and is pulled in towards the chest, begin to descend the squat. As you descend, pull it tightly against the chest. At the bottom, remain upright and drive upwards with the legs. At the top begin the swing with opposite hand.


  • Exercise 6: Single Club swing squats Using a baseball swing grip, hold club close to the chest and club leaning to the right or left. Push upward, then allow the club to swing downward. As it reaches opposite end, pull it into the chest and descend into a squat. Keep your back straight. When you stand erect, push club upward to the side, allow the club to swing, and repeat movement to opposite end.