Trigger Point Foam Roller

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Trigger Point Foam Roller- Red, Black, Yellow:(24x5.5)
Foam Roller  EVA High-Density Foam * Trigger Point Foam Roller, Muscle Roller, Exercise Roller

Knots are the enemy of the fitness world. It takes just one knot to compromise form, posture, and progress. Get rid of your knots and start lifting more with the Garage Fit trigger point roller.

Garage Fit brings to you a new elite standard in functional training equipment. Used by professional athletes and Cross training enthusiasts alike, this 24" X 5.5" foam roller is built to last and has been designed to ensure you hit every knot in one pass. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on an overpriced massage when you can do it at home for free. The textured surface allows for deep tissue work as the bumps and grooves of the roller work out adhesions.

As the tissue is relieved of those annoying knots, you will notice fast relief from common types of muscular and joint pain. For those with postural distortions and muscle imbalances, the Garage Fit foam roller will help to loosen tight areas, which will assist in correcting distortions such as an arched back or rounded shoulders.

The Garage Fit foam back roller also helps to restore and advance flexibility through the stretching of soft muscle tissue. When made a part of any fitness routine, this foam roller will support lean muscle tissue gains and increased workout volume while protecting you from injury. You can easily incorporate the muscle roller into any routine, whether at home or the gym. Simply roll one body part at a time for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Ideally, choose a 6-inch space on that body part to work, then move up or down to the next space.

Knots form every time we push ourselves in the gym. With each Front Level or Deadlift that you perform, you put yourself at risk for more and more knots. When they aren’t taken care of, knots can steal volume and reps from your progress. Don’t be held back by adhesions. Protect your body with our foam roller.

  • Foam roller for relief of muscle tension and knots Easily fits in your gym bag 
  • The perfect trigger point foam roller for myocardial release for sports enthusiasts: Pilates, Bodybuilding, Rugby, Boxing, Running, Weight Training, Yoga, and Sports Beginners 
  • The trigger point roller releases toxins in the muscles pre workout so you can drive yourself harder and post workout speeds recovery to improve your performance. 
  • Extra firm high-density EVA construction