Adjustable PVC Jump Rope

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Garage Fit 9' Adjustable PVC Jump Rope for Cardio Fitness - Versatile Jump Rope for Both Kids and Adults - Great Jump Rope for Exercise

  • Adjustable for all heights
  • Gets Bodies Active and Staying Fit. If you are planning to start working out and jumping rope yourself or you are looking at this as a gift for someone in your life that you care about, nothing can be better than this rope
  • Durable PVC Jump Rope construction
  • This rope is great gift idea for children and teens too. Jump Rope Cable is the new fastest rope around. Neither you nor the person you are buying this for, if it's a gift, will not be left to drift not knowing how to properly wire snip this rope to their exact size. We have a video provided for free that trains on the correct way to jump too quickly master the super fast double under jumps. All ages and all sizes can use this rope
  • Great jump rope for kids and adult - well suited to cardio and agility training - Boxers love this jump rope


One Tough Cookie! 

Let's face it. Kids are shockingly talented at destroying things. But Garage Fit has found a way around all that! We've used top-grade PVC in designing this bad boy, making it one of the most durable jump ropes for exercise you can find. So whether your little one drags it to the playground or you decide to give it a whirl out on the patio, you can be sure of it remaining in prime condition. 

Go Out and Play! 
Is your little one transfixed on the telly the whole day? Well, our jumping rope for exercise will finally get them off that couch! And it isn't just for the kids; even you can get in on the fun. We've made the rope easily adjustable to fit any height below 6 feet. Simply slide down the handle and tie it at your ideal length. So C'mon, get one for everyone and make healthiness a family thing! 

Here are some of the brilliant benefits: 

  • Amazingly tough and durable PVC build.
  • Easily adjustable length to fit both kids and adults.
  • Conveniently lightweight for perfect portability.
  • Comfortable handles that offer an amazing grip.
  • Beautiful design to give skipping some style.
  • Kids and Children Friendly

If you want a jump rope for exercise that offers unmatched value for money, you simply can't go wrong with Garage Fit.  Now and enjoy a hassle-free 1-year warranty!