Agility Ladder

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Premium Training Agility Ladder -FREE carrying bag - Durable flat rung soccer training equipment

Stay in perfect shape and improve your speed with this agility training ladder set that you can use for your fitness routines!

  • Want to boost your speed to help you respond quickly to different movement patterns?
  • Is your overall performance level in sports in need of some improvement?
  • Looking to find a convenient agility training equipment that you can set up in your home or elsewhere?
  • Been wanting to master new agility drills, but not sure how?

In some sports such as soccer, basketball, and football, agility is a highly important quality that athletes should possess. You need to get certain movements embedded within you, so you can score more points and minimize injuries. With a soccer agility ladder, your body will be programmed to perform key foot patterns essential in the spot. This is why agility ladder drills are a part of any training program, so you can move faster and be at the top of your game!

Here are some of the cool features of this agility training ladder set:

  • Comes with a new and improved design.
  • Includes flat-fixed rungs for the agility ladder.
  • Has 10 rings for the 14 Foot agility ladder training tool.
  • Easy to carry with a durable grab-and-go bag.
  • Use it at the gym, the park, or at the comfort of your own home.

Work on your overall performance and precision with this speed and agility ladder set by Garage Fit.

  • IMPROVE SPEED AND AGILITY: The Garage Fit speed and agility training ladder is the perfect training equipment to improve the quickness of your feet and general movement using accelerated foot strikes and enhanced leg lifting frequency. It is a must-have training tool for athletes.
  • LONG LENGTH LADDER: The 10-rung ladder is 14 feet long, meaning you get more training space in order to make your training periods more productive. The rings have been well spaced using professional standards to ensure you get world-class training on your foot speed and agility.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT: The ladder is light weight and very easy to carry even for a child. It is however very durable and good for more than a few months of intense use out on the field. It is recommended for athletes with serious training regimes.
  • CONVENIENTLY FOLDS INTO BAG: The Garage Fit agility ladder is easy to fold into the provided carry bag to make it more portable and easier to carry from storage to the field and back. Combine multiple ladders with the plastic buckles for extended length.
  • BEST VALUE FOR MONEY: Get the most out of your money by trusting only the most reliable sports equipment supplier to provide you with premium quality equipment. Get the Garage Fit speed and agility ladder today at unbeatable prices. You also enjoy a 100% Money back guarantee.