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Barbell Pad for Squats, Lunges & Hip Thrusts - Neck & Shoulder Protective Pad Support - Advanced Squat Pad

Garage Fit Barbell squat pads for neck and shoulder support, protects you from barbell training injuries and helps you exercise with comfort.

  • Do you want to perform your barbell squats in comfort?
  • Do you want a barbell pad to lessen the strain on your neck muscles?
  • Are you searching for a barbell weight bar pad that is long lasting?
  • Do you want a barbell padding that even puts the pressure on your shoulders?
  • Do you need a barbell weight bar pad that fits all Olympic sized barbells?
Garage Fit barbell squat pads are ergonomically designed, with higher density sponge and neck contour, so that your exercises are carried out in comfort. Perform squats, thrusts, lunges and more with weight or repetition increases without the risk to injure your shoulder or neck muscles.

Why you should select Garage Fit barbell squat pads:
  • Our barbell squat pad fits all Olympic sized barbells with ease.
  • Soft and high-density foam for even distribution of pressure along the points of contact.
  • Made from long lasting, durable and washable PU material.
  • Features complete shoulder support with contoured neck region.
  • Attaches firmly and easily on barbells to enhance safety factor.
Garage Fit barbell weight bar pad protects you from accidental or other injuries while training. To safeguard yourself and increase your barbell-lifts on demand for maximum
muscle gain.
  • OPTIMIZES YOUR WORKOUT POSTURE: If you suffer from constant back pains when doing squats, then the squat barbell pad is the right workout gear for you. It drastically relieves the pressure forced upon your vertebrae. Best barbell bar wrap pad for Squats, Lunges and Hip Thrust
  • PROTECTS YOUR NECK: The Garage Fit barbell weight pad also features an ergonomic design that is built to take off the pressure from the neck and evenly distributing the weight across your shoulders. This squat bar pad also reduces the risk of slipping off and improves the grip on the shoulders.
  • MADE OF DENSE, DURABLE FOAM: Dense, thick and shock-absorbent, Garage Fit’s barbell weight bar pad is built to comfortably support all your weight while minimizing the risk of injuring yourself in case you slip. You’ll not have to replace your Barbell Pad after a few workouts sections.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: The barbell squat pad is incredibly easy to install with its easy slip-on technology that allows it to fit onto any bar quickly and firmly to prevent movement while you work out. Measuring 18"x 3.5", it is designed to fit the standard Olympic bar.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Your Weight Lifting, Crossfit, and Powerlifting just got easier and better with the Garage Fit barbell squat pads! Not satisfied with your product? Enjoy a 30-day money back guarantee and free replacements for every defective order. Take advantage of the unbeatable discounts and grab this handy workout accessory for yourself today.