Battle Rope Wall Storage Hook

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Battle Rope Wall Storage Hook
Made of strong and versatile steel, this wall-based storage rack suitable for battling ropes or other items.
  • EASILY MOUNTS TO THE WALL: Attaching the Garage Fit rope wall storage hook is a quick and easy task for one person. It comes with all the necessary fittings to make the installation process easy
  • PERFECT BATTLE ROPE STORAGE: Once done with your workout, simply coil the battle rope on the storage hook to keep it out of the way and perfectly stored for use again. Not only is it a fitness anchor, but it is also a very handy storage hook for your battle rope.
  • BUILT STURDILY: The incredibly sturdy steel build of the wall storage hook allows you to develop your core strength to the max without worrying whether it can fully support your weight. Enjoy peace of mind and highly productive workout sessions with the Garage Fit Battle Rope Anchor.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Not satisfied with your product? Enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee and free replacements for any defective unit.
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