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A Chalk Ball for Rock Climbing, Bouldering, Gymnastics, Crossfit and Weightlifting. Garagefit Chalk Ball comes in a permeable cotton fabric and is perfect for keeping in your chalk bag, this magical ball really comes in handy with the highest quality of Magnesium Carbonate. It's reusable and design to create a little mess which tends to last longer. Efficient and effective and consistently deliver the best grip.
Garage Fit Chalk ball helps in providing the required grip and takes care of sweaty hands while workouts and training, in a mess free way. - You don’t feel comfortable using chalk from the bucket at the public gym? - Need a mess free way of chalking up each time? - Do you need a good quality chalk ball that offers perfect grip with smooth chalk dust? - Do you prefer a chalk ball that fits perfectly in your gym bag without a mess? - Want a long lasting chalk ball? Garage Fit chalk ball features smooth fine chalk particles that will feel great against your palms while you workout. Each part on the chalk ball provides you with enough powder to ensure that your hands are safe from blisters and tears from heavy lifting and climbing activities. It will never create a mess as it sits inside the fabric and thus keeps the area clean. Reasons to select Garage Fit chalk ball: - Made from 100% pure magnesium carbonate powder. - Easy to store in your gym bag due to palm sized dimensions. - Lasts for a long time even with regular usage. - Comes with a zip lock pouch to put inside for safe keeping. - Does not make the workout area dusty like with loose chalk bins. Garage Fit chalk balls are perfect if you love hygiene and don’t like to make a mess. Add one to your gym pack to make chalking up fun and clean.
  • - SMOOTH, NON-ABRASIVE CHALK: The superior blend of 100 % Magnesium Carbonate chalk powder contains no large or sharp particles that can penetrate the skin. It is finely blended, smooth to the touch and enhances your grip significantly.
  • - BLISTER-FREE WORKOUTS: Protect your hands from painful callous tears and blisters with a nice protective layer of premium garage fit chalk. This guarantees you a blister-free experience no matter how vigorous your workout becomes.
  • - CREATES FIRMER GRIP: Nothing equips you better for those daunting weights and workout routines than the Garage Fit Chalk ball. With its grip enhancing capabilities, you can expect to get a firm grip on all types of dumbbells and weights.
  • - PERFECT FOR DIFFERENT WORKOUTS: The CrossFit chalk ball is suited for fast, repetitive and heavy workouts including deadlifts, climbing, and kettlebell swings. A free e-book with various workout routines is also thrown in for good measure.
  • - MONEY BACK REFUND: Lift the heaviest of weights with confidence and a firm grip on the Garage Fit Chalk balls. You can also get a full refund or a replacement for every defective order.