Cone Carry Strap

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Disc Cone / Agility Cone Carry Strap

Want to climb to the very top of your league? Then our disc cones are set to get you there! They are perfectly sized to run almost any kind of drill, and their durability is certain to give you unwavering service come hell or high water. To sweeten the pot, we've made the saucer cones as visible as possible. Available in vibrant shades of orange, yellow, green, red, and white, the players will be able to see them no matter the conditions. Go team! 

Coaching Made Easier! 

Coaches are cool by design, and our disc cones ensure that this street cred isn't ruined! Every set comes in tow with an utterly convenient holder, which makes carrying the cones to the different stations on the field almost effortless. They also stack flat on each other, making storage incredibly easy and saving on valuable space; no more crammed-looking coaches' offices! 

Not convinced? Here are some of the notable benefits: 

  • Perfectly sized at a height of 2" and diameter of 8".
  • Made from supremely durable polyethylene.
  • Come in 5 vibrant colors for easy visibility.
  • Plastic or steel holder for unmatched portability and storage.
  • Made using earth-friendly recycled materials.

Whether you're running crossing drills or dribble tests, count on our disc cones to shape your team into a formidable force and have those cabinets spilling with trophies. Click 'Add to Cart' now!