Garage Fit Double Handle Pull Down LAT Bar Cable Attachment - 24" & 34"

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Upgrade your Routine

Give your lats a whole new reason to grow! In the world of lifting, a small change in grip can make a major impact on your gains. That’s what the Garage Fit pro-style lat bar is all about. With unique ‘D’ handles, it allows you to grip the bar with your palms facing inwards, which in turn engages more of your biceps and less of the weaker forearms with every pull. The result? You’re able to pull
more weight and hit your upper back, lats, biceps, and forearms from a whole new angle. Go ahead, switch things up and breakthrough that plateau!

Built to Last

We take great pride in creating home gym accessories that never compromise on quality; durable workout equipment that withstands the most intense training. This lat bar attachment stays true to that spirit of ruggedness. Never have to worry about your bar bending out of shape. While others have a hollow design, ours is crafted using solid steel, complete with a hard chrome finish for superior rust protection. So, go all out, this cable attachment can get it.

Here are more reasons to love this lat bar:

✔ Features a diamond machined knurl for superior grip.

✔ Gives you freedom of movement thanks to the rotating hook.

✔ Available as a 24” close-grip and 34” medium grip bar.

✔ The handles are thoughtfully sized at 25mm for a firm hold.

✔ Backed by the Garage Fit total satisfaction guarantee.

Take your back workout to the next level with this heavy-duty lat bar!