Garage Fit Double Stirrup D Handle A-Shaped Triceps Cable Attachment

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Witness the Gains

In the market for a seated row handle? Looking for different cable machine attachments to take your workouts to the next level? Give your back a whole new challenge with the Garage Fit wide-grip A-shape cable attachment. Just a different angle of attack can have a major impact on gains. With its wider grip, this workout handle proves that very concept by placing a greater resistance on the upper back and shoulders. Use it for seated rows and feel your back work. Use it for pull-downs and give your muscles a rewarding pump. Use it for your other rowing workouts and start witnessing the gains in no time.

Built to Last

We take great pride in creating home gym accessories that never compromise on quality; durable workout equipment that withstands the most intense training. This gym cable machine attachment stays true to that spirit of ruggedness. Never have to worry about your exercise handle bending out of shape. While others have a hollow design, ours is crafted using solid steel, complete with a hard chrome finish for superior rust protection. So, go all out, this cable attachment can take it.

Here are more reasons to love this cable attachment:

  • BUILT EXTRA STRONG: Invest in a wide seated row handle that’s designed to last. Unlike others that are hollow and easily bend, we’ve crafted ours from heavy-duty steel and a rust-resistant chrome finish. Great for home gyms, commercial use, and school weight rooms.

  • WIDER GRIP; BETTER GAINS: Switch up your grip and give your muscles a whole new reason to grow. This double-D cable machine attachment places a greater resistance on the upper back and shoulders thanks to a wider grip. The result? Enhanced muscle stimulation.
  • VERSATILITY YOU’LL LOVE: Our A-shaped weightlifting attachment upgrades your cable machine with a touch of versatility. It’s great for seated cable rows, lat pulldowns, and a range of other cable rowing exercises. Carry one to your gym or use it with your cable machine at home.
  • DIAMOND KNURLED GRIP: Power through those reps with a sure grip. Even without gloves, the knurl on the V-handle cable attachment keeps hand slipping to a minimum. And whatever cable machine you’re working with, the eyelet is sure to fit.
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Love it or your money back; that’s the Garage Fit promise. Reach out to us in case of any issues and we’ll do all we can to make it right. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and upgrade your home or commercial gym with rugged versatility!