Garage Fit Heavy Duty Steel Parallettes

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Train with Confidence
Perform those inverted press-ups, impressive handstands, and explosive tricep dips without worrying your
parallette bars will fail on you! With reinforced welds and high-grade steel construction, Garage Fit’s parallel
bars comfortably support your weight to give you the confidence to pull off all types of moves. And to ensure
maximum sturdiness, our parallettes come with a safety connector that quickly attaches to the bars whenever
you’re in need of extra stability. Invest in steel paralletes that will still be in play years down the line.

Full Body Workout
It’s really hard to beat parallettes when it comes to versatility. You can use them to do everything from pushups, dips, handstands, V-sits, to tucks. But unlike short parallel bars that hamper a full range of motion, ours are 24" long, 12.5" high and 12" wide to give you great clearance for all workouts no matter your height. So now you’ll be able to really feel that stretch when hitting the triceps, execute those V-sits with perfect form, and properly hit the shoulders as you rep out those inverted push-ups.

Here’s what distinguishes Garage Fit’s steel paralletes:

  •  EXTRA HEAVY DUTY: Unlike other parallel bars that have the tendency of snapping at the joints, our steel parallettes are designed with reinforced welds that safely support your weight without any give. The heavy duty steel is finished with rust-resistant paint to ensure maximum durability.
  • WORK OUT IN SAFETY: Complement your routines with the sturdiest metal parallette bars on the market. These low parallel bars come with a safety connector that is firmly held in place with the included screws. So you’ll never have to deal with any swaying, sliding or shifting.
  • DESIGNED FOR VERSATILITY: At 24" long, 12.5" high and 12" wide, our paralletes give you great leg clearance and allow you to achieve a fuller range of motion. They work as great dip bars, push up bars, a sturdy station for inverted press ups, and are very effective for working the core.
  • GREAT GRIP: a powder coated finish gives the parallette training bars superior GRIP over other metallic T-bar risers and the handles are comfortably sized to offer both men and women a firm hold when performing their routines.
  • TAKE THEM ANYWHERE: Easily pack these portable parallel bars in your gym bag and head out to the park or beach for a great outdoor workout. 

Home or commercial gym, count on these steel parallettes for a mix of quality and stability that’s hard to replicate. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!