Garage Fit Strongman Sandbags

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Upgrade your Training

Unlock the door to monster gains with the best-kept secret of strongman training! Inspired by Atlas stones, Garage Fit strongman bags hit all your muscles in a whole new way to ignite growth and shatter plateaus. Simply fill them with sand, and work your entire body by performing everything from squats, deadlifts, cleans, jerks, throws, lunges to presses. Available in 100LB, 150LB, 200LB, 250LB, 300LB and 400LB sizes, our sandbags cater to just about any fitness level. Start small and work your way up to strongman glory.

Designed to Last

We designed our bags to withstand the most grueling of routines; to take your muscles through hell and back day in, day out. All this heavy-duty goodness comes courtesy of double stitched seams and 1050D military-spec Cordura construction – the same ultra-durable material used to create gear used in battlegrounds. A heavy-duty zipper and hook-and-loop closure ensure your workout will never be interrupted by leaking sand. We recommend using your bags on rubber or non-abrasive surfaces for maximum longevity.

Here’s why you’ll love Garage Fit strongman sandbags:

- BUILT TOUGH: Upgrade your workout regimen with strongman sandbags built to withstand the most gruesome of routines. Made using heavy-duty 1050D MIL spec Cordura with double-stitched seams, Garage Fit training sandbags last through all that sweaty assault.

- LEAK-FREE DESIGN: No dealing with sand strewn all over your garage. We’ve combined a built-in filler bag, sturdy zipper, and a hook-and-loop closure to create a workout sandbag that stays filled once filled. Do everything from squats, carries, throws, cleans, to jerks without leakage interrupting your workout.

- FOR ANY FITNESS LEVEL: Whether you’re just getting started out or you’re a veteran at annihilating your muscles, there is a strong man weighted bag to suit your needs. Choose between 6 sizes: 100LB, 150LB, 200LB, 250LB, 300LB and 400LB. (Sold unfilled)

- GREAT FOR HOME GYMS: Strongman training doesn’t have to mean cracked floors and house-rattling noise. This exercise sandbag makes a floor-safe Atlas stone alternative your neighbors will appreciate. You can also empty it and fill it up elsewhere for portable training.

- BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: You’re covered with the Garage Fit 100% satisfaction guarantee. In case of any issues, simply reach out to us and we’ll do all we can to make things right. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and start lifting your way to impressive gains!

Invest in quality and take your workouts to the next level!

Please Note:

- All bags are sold unfilled.

- Designed to withstand drops but should not be slammed.

- The loop closure should not be used as a handle during lifting.