Garage Fit Triceps Hammer Rope Cable Attachment - Double & Single

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Durability Meets Functionality

Thick nylon meets an extra-strong steel attachment point to create a tricep hammer rope tough enough to handle whatever you throw at it. It’s designed to let you make the most out of your workouts including pull downs, curls,
and press downs. Hook it to your pulley system, ab machine, home gym, cable crossover, or lat machine and optimize your performance during each session.

Make it Count

It's one thing that you work out each day, but it's another thing to actually use the right tools to help you gain favorable results. This is why the goal is to work smarter and harder, which this triceps hammer rope allows you to do. Using
this attachment, you can perform a tougher workout that allows for the ultimate muscle contraction. As this tool is made for repetitive movements, you can get more from it than what static tricep cable attachments offer. You can step up your game and start seeing an improvement in your overall strength and appearance.

Here’s what makes this a great addition to your home gym:

- Better results from repetitive and continuous rotation.

- Designed to last for years with durable materials.

- Perfect for your home gym or exercise machine with a pulley system.

- Lets you achieve the ultimate muscle contraction on your triceps.

- Offers a strong and comfortable grip to maximize your power.

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