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(PLEASE NOTE: The 12x14x16 and the 16x18x20 plyo boxes DO NOT require or include the interior support)

The 3 in 1 wood plyo box has become one of the most important and critical tools to an effective and superior cross training workout. This seemingly simple box is anything but. To be a box worthy of a cross training workout, it needs to be built using the most ground-breaking technology. It must also be able to take thousands of step-ups, jumps, and slams. The Garage Fit Wood plyo Box is one of the most elite brands of cross training gear on the market. Train tough and get results with Garage Fit.

 Professional Competition Quality

  • The Garage Fit Wood Plyo Box is built using the machine precision of CNC machining technology. By opting for this revolutionary method, Garage Fit can ensure that every box is made to perfection and is able to support the high quality standards that customers have come to rely upon. For those looking to enter into local or national competitions, the Garage Fit Plyo Box is built to the requirements of the most elite cross training competitions. Bring your training to a new level. There is nothing like the flawless construction and production of a Garage Fit Box for jump training.

 Tough, Yet Versatile

  • The great thing about the Garage Fit Plyo Box is how versatile it is, allowing you to maximize the efficiency of your workouts. With lower grade plyo boxes, you’ll have to use multiple boxes in order to alter the height you need. With the Garage Fit Plyo Box, you’ll be able to use each side of the box – That’s three boxes in one! Stop wasting money by buying new boxes each time you need to challenge yourself. One box is all you need with Garage Fit.

 User-Friendly for Any Skill Level

  • Whether you are just starting your cross training journey or you’ve been a veteran for years, the Garage Fit Wooden Plyo Box is made for every experience level. Beginners can utilize it as a solid and wide base the smallest height for exercises such as the squat jump. As you progress, flip it on its side to increase the height and the challenge. When you’re ready for the big time, stand it straight up and really push yourself.
  • Our plyo box includes an interior structure to insure that anyone, regardless of their weight can use them (PLEASE NOTE: The 12x14x16 and the 16x18x20 plyo boxes do not require or include the interior support).
  • For ease of transport, there are handles on either side.
  • Eased (rounded) edges help to avoid the damage to your shins that comes with plyo-box training.

Cross training is the next level of fitness, ensuring dramatic gains in strength, endurance, and power. The strongest workouts deserve the strongest equipment. Let Garage Fit provide you with a superior grade of gear for your cross training workouts.

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