Hexagonal Agility Rings

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Unlimited Potential Hexagonal Speed & Agility Training Rings Tennis Soccer Football Basketball Training Aid With Carrying Bag,  3 in 1 Functionality

Take Your Speed And Agility Training To The Next Level

Looking for the perfect footwork training aids to get your players in fine form? Or home gym equipment to effectively improve your leg strength, balance, and speed? Then you’ll love Unlimited Potential’s hexagonal training rings! These are the most versatile agility hoops on the market, with the ability to work as standard rings, jump hurdles, or a footwork ladder. Simply connect the hexagons using the included clips and create unique challenging configurations to help make those impressive footwork goals a reality.

Unrivaled DurabilityCompliment even the highest intensity training sessions with the durability to match! Unlike other products that easily break, our hexagon agility rings are designed using ultra-strong polypropylene that is tough enough to withstand the inevitable stomps and squashes. And we’ve coupled the durability with a vibrant splash of color to ensure that the rings are easily visible when lying on the field. Get the best value for money with training rings designed to last through the most grueling of workouts.

Here’s what sets apart these speed rings from the rest:

  • PERFORMANCE MEETS VERSATILITY: Introduce a touch of versatility to speed and agility training with Unlimited Potentials' hexagon footwork rings. These 20” wide training hexagons can be used as regular rings, attached together to create hurdles, or arranged to form a hexagon ladder.
  • SIMPLE TO ASSEMBLE: Our hexagon ring set comes with connector clips that are designed to click into place much easier than others. Switch between training drills that much faster with the most innovatively crafted hexagonal agility rings.
  • DESIGNED TO LAST: No more dealing with agility footwork rings that easily break with a simple step. We’ve used ultra-durable PP plastic to create hexagon training rings tough enough to handle countless sessions and withstand the inevitable stomps and kicks.
  • BONUS CARRY BAG: We’ve included a nylon carry bag for easy storage of the hexagon speed rings when not in use. The carry bag also combines with the lightweight design of the athletic agility rings to make carrying them on and off the field a hassle-free affair.
  • BEST VALUE: This footwork training equipment comes in a set of 6 or 12 at a great price to give you the best bang for your buck.
Whether you’re conducting training for soccer or football, basketball or hockey, count on Unlimited Potential for an unmatched combo of quality, functionality, and value. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now for the most versatile speed ring set that combines durability with unmatched functionality!