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Jump Rope - Wire Speed Rope for Mastering Double Unders - Best For Cross Training, WOD's, Boxing, MMA, Exercise, and Fitness - 100% Lifetime Better Than (Blue Cable, Normal Grip) High-Quality Jump Rope(Black Rubber Handle, Blue Rope)

One fits all design At some point in our lives, we have sworn to make extra effort to keep in shape. While some actually get around to doing this, others are stuck at making resolutions to start going to the gym. Well, this skipping rope is designed to easily cater for the needs of every person across this divide. Rope skipping is fun yet gives your body a thorough workout and that is why even professionals incorporate it into their workouts. You can use it for crossfit, boxing, wrestling training, and MMA training, and for those who don’t go to the gym, a simple workout. Exceptional quality This skipping rope is made to provide years and years of service without wearing out. Garage fit understands that not all skipping surfaces are smooth and that is why the cable is designed to withstand use on rough surfaces without wearing out. The extra-long handles are also made of aluminum which greatly increases comfort when skipping without adding weight to the rope. Here is why you should buy this crossfit jump rope: - Made of a highly durable cable that will withstand hundreds of skipping sessions - An extra-long aluminum handle for a comfortable grip. - Easily adjustable rope to fit people of different heights. - Anti-slip handles, even giving sweaty palms firm grip. - Extremely lightweight. Purchase it now and get you this jumping rope for exercise. It is a great way of keeping in shape and worth every dollar.

  • 100% FULL LIFETIME WARRANTY. *Please DO NOT use on Concrete - Smooth Surfaces Only* You really can't go wrong buying this rope. You set yourself up, or someone you are buying for, to have lifetime back-up if anything goes wrong with this rope. It really is as easy as sending us an email and yes we really do replace the rope. You have nothing to lose but a little weight
  • GETS BODIES ACTIVE AND STAYING FIT. If you are planning to start working out and jumping rope yourself or you are looking at this as a gift for someone in your life that you care about, nothing can be better than this rope.
  • STEEL DUAL CORE BALL BEARINGS are used in the handles for a smooth and consistent spin to the rope. See the image to the left to see what a Dual Core Ball Bearing is. This rope is built to last a long time.
  • THIS ROPE IS A GREAT GIFT IDEA FOR CHILDREN AND TEENS TOO. Jump Rope Cable is the new fastest rope around. Neither you nor the person you are buying this for, if it's a gift, will not be left to drift not knowing how to properly wire snip this rope to their exact size. We have a video provided for free that trains on the correct way to jump too quickly master the super fast double under jumps. All ages and all sizes can use this rope.
  • Wire Speed Rope Cable Jump Rope

Jump rope & give that waistline hope.Whether you're a beginner or pro, count on Garage Fit for one of the most effective jump ropes for exercise you'll ever come across. 

Speed it Up! 

Always wanted to do some crazy double under but your old rope kept letting down? Always getting tangled and watering down your cool cred in the gym? Garage Fit is here to the rescue! We've gone back to the drawing board and designed the perfect jump rope for exercise aficionados. With a plastic-covered wired cable complemented by a 90-degree handle turn, you'll experience spinning so quick, spinning so smooth, you'll think you're in a Rocky montage. 

Melt Those Pounds! 

Jumping rope for exercise is one of the best ways to get that valuable cardio wherever you are. And we've strived to make this slimming experience as personalized as possible! With the adjustable steel bearings at either end, you can easily tweak with the length to get a perfect size. So whether you're towering over 6 feet or looking to get this rope for your fitness-crazed tween, you'll get nothing but incredible fit. 

Here are some of the notable benefits: 

  • Fast-spinning design with no tangling or bending.
  • Insanely durable and lightweight build.
  • Easily adjustable and measures out at 10 feet.
  • Ergonomically shaped handles for amazing grip.
  • Comes with a convenient case for easy storage.