Nutribomb Fill n Go Funnels

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Nutribomb's innovative Fill-N-Go Funnel is the best way to take your supplements with you anywhere. Just load and go. This patented dual screw cap funnel design allows you to fill and carry a serving of your favorite supplement powder when you're on the go. When you're ready to take your supplement, simply unscrew the Fill-N-Go Funnel bottom cap and conveniently pour it into a water bottle or shaker bottle. It's that easy!

Quick, convenient and simple to use – Nutribomb's Fill-N-Go Funnel is the easiest way to take your supplements on the go! Now, you can leave those big supplement jugs at home and still enjoy the convenience of taking your favorite nutritional products on the run whenever and wherever you go. No carrying heavy jugs and no mess. The supplement funnel is an excellent size to fit in your gym bag.

We offer our funnels in multiple sizes; large, medium and small. Choose the size that works best for your lifestyle, or choose our 3-pack variety size, so you have each size on hand!

Below are approximate amounts of how much our funnels can hold. 

  • Large funnel - 2.5 scoops powder (2.5 ounces)
  • Medium funnel - 1.5 scoops powder (1.5 ounces)
  • Small funnel - 1/2 scoop powder (0.5 ounces) *Intended for pre-workouts/ BCAA powders/ glutamine/ etc.

1 Year Warranty

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