Protein Shaker Bottle (Blue and White combo)

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Thunderball Protein Shaker (Blue and White Combo)

Turn Any Bottle Into A Perfect Shaker!!!

Save Some Green! Do you feel ripped off spending tens of dollars on a single shaker? Oh, we feel you! And that's why we've come up with a brilliant solution to save you some change and hit you with a whole lot of functionality. With our pack of 6 protein shaker balls, you'll be able to turn any bottle into a protein mixing machine! Just add your favorite supplement, throw in a couple of Thunderball, and BOOM! You have your very own protein shaker at the fraction of the price.

Oh so Smooth! Drinking a clumpy protein shake can be a huge turn-off, right! But you know what's worse? Scrutinizing one of your regular metal ball shakers and seeing traces of rust. Not to worry, Nutribomb has annihilated all those concerns in one fell swoop! Our shaker balls sport enough surface area to thoroughly mix your drink and use high-grade plastic to ensure nothing but durability.

You'll be bragging in the gym about the:

  • Unbelievably uniform results with just a couple of shakes.
  • Amazing value for money with 6 Thunderballs in every pack.
  • Top-grade plastic construction that makes for unwavering service.
  • Easy to clean design that gets spotless in no time.
  • Convenient size that effortlessly fits in most bottles.

Whether you're in the mood for some way or looking to get psyched on a pre-workout, count on Thunderballs to completely revolutionize your supplement game.

  • LARGE CAPACITY: The Nutribomb Thunder ball protein shaker has a capacity of 20oz, which is enough to store protein shakes that will last throughout your entire workout session to ensure no constant refills or running out of power juice.
  • BPA-FREE PLASTIC BUILD: The protein shaker bottle features a versatile build made of lightweight BPA-free plastic. Shake your way to a more impactful workout with the practical build of the Nutribomb Thunder ball Protein Shaker.
  • STYLISH & DURABLE DESIGN: Looking to upgrade your workout gear? The eye-catching design of the durable protein shaker cup will make you want to take it with you everywhere. Plus, the Nutribomb Thunder ball shaker cups for protein shakes are made to last.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The versatile design of the protein shaker bottle allows you to convert it from a protein shaker to a water bottle that you can easily carry with you to the gym or on your run as well.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The protein shaker bottle is dishwasher safe to allow you quick and easy cleaning for maximum reuse. This offer is backed by 100% Money back Guarantee so grab you this versatile workout companion on Amazon today and get more out of your sessions.