Wall Mount Rope Anchor

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Rope Anchor Wall Mount (New), 

Battle Rope Attachments and Accessories by Garage Fit

  • USABLE ANYWHERE: The easy-to-install Garage Fit fitness anchor is perfect for use at home, at the gym or even the basketball court as well, making it the perfect workout accessory to carry around with you. Use it for yoga swing hammocks, battle rope training, Cross Fit Olympic rings and numerous other exercises.
  • MOUNTABLE ON FLOOR OR WALL: Attaching the Garage Fit battle rope anchor mount is a quick and easy task for one person to facilitate all types of weight training exercises and Cross Fit training exercises. The versatility of the battle rope anchor allows your workouts to be unrestricted and more productive.
  • CREATES STRONG ANCHOR POINT: The battle rope anchor hooks attach easily to the floor or wall and creates a permanent, sturdy fixing point that can be used for some exercises. It is ideal for body weight strength training as it offers a solid, reliable anchor point.
  • STURDILY BUILT: The Garage Fit battle rope anchor wall mount features a sturdy stainless steel bracket with rugged welded handles that you can rely on to support your body weight during battle rope exercises or hold up your boxing punch bag securely.
  • NECESSARY FIXINGS INCLUDED: All the necessary attachment accessories have been provided to save you the hassle of looking for individual parts. Backed by our no questions-asked Money back guarantee. Get the most reliable battle rope anchor mount on Amazon now at an incredible price.