Workout Sandbags - Fabric Handle

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All of our Sandbag Packages come with an outer shell and filler bags. The outer shell provides eight gripping options to train with hundreds of exercises. The filler bags are an easy and convenient way to adjust the weight of your sandbag to accommodate multiple fitness levels.

Workout sandbags should be in the toolbox of any serious lifter and CrossFit enthusiast. If you're looking to take your workout and your body to the next level, the Garage Fit sandbag is here to help.

Garage Fit brings to you a new elite standard in CrossFit equipment. The Garage Fit sandbag is built to last during your toughest workouts. The buckle and strap on the sandbag have been designed for professional athletic use. That means you won't have to worry about the hassle of shifting weight or, even worse, the bag ripping ever again. The grips can withstand being pulled and thrown as you press and lift your way to a new body.

Rotational deadlifts or power cleans won't pose a problem as the weight stays in place. Once the bag is packed, it's good to go. The zipper provides the final seal ensuring whatever goes in doesn't come back out.

Forget the modern-day gym scene. Sandbags are a superior alternative, allowing you to build raw strength and power. Best of all, just by using the bag, you are developing balance and coordination. Leave the BOSU on the ground where it belongs. Disregard the callus causing ridged rows of dumbbells and barbells. Sandbag handles are easy on the hands while allowing you to recruit more muscles and develop your motor control.

Everyone heads for the shower after a day of training. Your bag is no different. You can keep your bag looking as clean as you since it's washer safe. Choose between our wide weight ranges and get started today on your training.

  • BUILT FOR DURABILITY: Garage Fit’s weighted sandbags feature an outer shell and filler bags designed using extra-strong, waterproof nylon Cordura and reinforced nylon stitching. This allows them to be pressed or pushed in any direction without ripping.
  • PERFORM MULTIPLE WORKOUTS: This exercise sandbag is fitted with 8 handles all around the shell; way more than most power bags on the market. The multiple gripping options give you the freedom to perform hundreds of highly effective sandbag training workouts.
  • FOR ALL FITNESS LEVELS: Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, you can adjust the weight of the tactical sandbags to match your fitness level. Simply remove the filler bags or amount of sand for reduced resistance, or add more for a greater challenge.
  • KEEPS IN THE SAND: Unlike most military sandbags for exercise that leak sand, Garage Fit’s filler bags feature double-sealed inner liners with strong hook-and-loop fasteners for unmatched containment. The heavy zipper on the outer shell ensures all the contents remain in place. DOES NOT INCLUDE SAND
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN: We’ve designed these army fitness sandbags in colors that conveniently camouflage dirt, allowing you to use them multiple times outdoors without the need for cleaning. They are machine-wash safe for hassle-free maintenance. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!
  • Does Not Include Sand
  • Do Not Pack Down Sand
  • Do Not Throw/Slam Filler Bags or Outer Shell During Use